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  Record 1 of 8228
  AuthorManuel, Peter
  Title"Trinidad, Calypso, and Carnival."
  PublisherTemple University Press
  Publication placePhiladelphia
  Publication year1995
  NotesSection in, Caribbean currents: Caribbean music from rumba to reggae, edited by Peter Manuel, Kenneth Bilby, and Michael Largey.
  SubjectMusic / West Indies / History and criticism / Caribbean area
  UIUC LocationMusic ML3565 M26C27

  Record 2 of 8228
  AuthorVila, Maria Rosa
  Title*Candomblé: Secta o religión? El viaje de los Africanos desde la sabana Africana hacia la esencia de la cultura de América, introducción, investigación y algunas vivencias sobre esta religión Brasileña de origen Africano y sobre el grado de participacion.
  PublisherImago Empresa Educativa
  Publication placeBuenos Aires
  Publication year2005
  NotesIt consists of research experience of Brazilian religion of African origin and the degree of contribution of Africans traveling from Africa to the American cultural.
  SubjectCandomblé (Religion) / Brazil / History / Black People
  UIUC LocationAvailable through Interlibrary Loan. OCLC: 68566560

  Record 3 of 8228
  AuthorVan Tuyl, Loraine Yvette
  Title'Ala kondre' (All Countries), but 'na fraga' (No Flag)? A Multidimensional Analysis of the Experiences of Surinamese 'Doglas' (Multiracials) in the Caribbean.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1999
  NotesThesis (PhD) Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, 1999. It studies by way of interviews the experiences of fifteen multiracial adults (17 through 30 years) living in Suriname, South America.
  SubjectCaribbean area / Surinam / Sociology
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT 9930407

  Record 4 of 8228
  AuthorCailler, Bernadette
  Title<Conquerants de la nuit nue: Edouard Glissant et l'H(h)istoire antillaise>. (Book review)
  PublisherG. Narr
  Publication placeTubingen
  Publication year1988
  SubjectWest Indies / Caribbean area, French / Antilles / Literary criticism / Glissant, Edouard, 1928- / Political and social thought / Martinique
  UIUC LocationMain Stacks 846 G49DC12

  Record 5 of 8228
  AuthorCampbell, W. Susan
  Title<En'less Pressure>: The Struggles of a Caribbean Working-Class in Their International Context, Trinidad, 1919-1956.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year1995
  NotesThesis (PhD) Queen's University at Kingston, 1995.
  SubjectTrade unions / Trinidad and Tobago / Political activity / History / International relations / Sociology
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT NN04802

  Record 6 of 8228
  AuthorCameron, Norman Eustace
  Title150 (One Hundred and Fifty)Years of Education in Guyana, 1808-1957: With Special Reference to Post-Primary Education.
  Publication placeSubryanville
  Publication year1968
  NotesThe importance of this work is that presents the state of education in Guyana for almost 150 years. Researchers could evaluate its progress and development of education.
  SubjectEducation / Guyana / Belize / History
  UIUC LocationMain Stacks 379.881 C145O

  Record 7 of 8228
  AuthorBrooks, John
  Title1987 South American Handbook.
  PublisherTrade & Travel Publications
  Publication placeBath, England
  Publication year1986
  UIUC LocationAvailable through Interlibrary Loan

  Record 8 of 8228
  AuthorSawicki, John Andrew
  Title1990 Islamist Coup in Trinidad and Regional Security Among Caribbean Microstates.
  PublisherUniversity Microfilm
  Publication placeAnn Arbor, MI
  Publication year2002
  NotesThesis (PhD) Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University), 2002.
  SubjectCaribbean area / Trinidad and Tobago / Politics and government / International relations / Sociology / History
  UIUC LocationDissertation Abstracts : AAT 3094298

  Record 9 of 8228
  AuthorOliveira, Dijaci David de
  Title50 anos depois: Relações raciais e grupos socialmente segregados.
  Publication placeGoiânia
  Publication year2001
  SubjectHuman rights / Social problems / Brazil / Race discrimination / Race relations / Sex discrimination
  UIUC LocationAvailable through Interlibrary Loan. OCLC: 59435764

  Record 10 of 8228
  AuthorBeozzo, Jose Oscar
  Title500 Años: Aportes para la reflexión.
  PublisherCentro Nueva Tierra
  Publication placeBuenos Aires
  Publication year1992
  NotesContents: Los rostros de Dios; Afroamericanos e Iglesia; Esclavitud y Africa Occidental' 1992 no es solamente una fecha; Iglesia Latinoameriacana, el evangelio y los pobres.
  SubjectBlacks / Latin America / Catholic Church
  UIUC LocationAvailable through Interlibrary Loan. OCLC: 32553830

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